7:30am – 8:30am Petite Ballroom



8:30am – 9:30am Grand Ballroom


Making a U-Turn: The Inspirational Story of the Decline and Rise of Harley-Davidson

Tim Hoelter, 30 Top Executive of Harley-Davidson; Engineered One of Most Dramatic Turnarounds in Corporate History

In the summer of 1981, Tim Hoelter left his secure partnership at a respected Milwaukee law firm to pursue an exciting opportunity – joining the executive/investor group, as the only outsider, purchasing Harley-Davidson from its parent, AMF Incorporated. His timing, however, was terrible. From awful quality problems, a negative brand image, foreign competition and staggering debt, to the deepest recession since the Great Depression causing sales to plunge, Tim realized he had put his family at risk by making the worst decision of his life. But thankfully, that’s not where the story ends. With incredible teamwork, fierce courage and steadfast commitment, the Harley-Davidson buyout group overcame horrendous odds. Tim shows how it’s possible to motivate and inspire any organization by taking you behind closed doors for a detailed and emotional account of the meetings, strategic decisions and innovative business changes Harley-Davidson made during those trying years. The end result today is an American success story and one of the world’s strongest brands.

9:30am – 10:30am Grand Ballroom


Keynote Address – Justin M. Hall, Chief Customer Officer, YRC Worldwide Inc.

10:30am – 10:45am Break
10:45am – 11:45am Grand Ballroom


Survival of the Fittest Technology (Panel Discussion)
Transportation and logistics is a trillion dollar industry. With numbers this high and so much at stake depending on your gut-instinct is no longer going to cut it. Panelists will discuss how technology can be leveraged to catapult data-driven companies as the big winners in this space.

  • Moderator: Sean Kilcarr, Editor, Fleet Owner
  • Mike Kelley, CIO, MVT Services
  • Ken Ehrman, Founder, I.D. Systems
  • Ken Crane, Director of IT Operations, US Xpress, Inc.
11:45am – 12:45pm Grand Ballroom


The Driver Draft: Recruit and Retain Top Talent (Panel Discussion)
Drivers are the heart and soul of any transportation organization. It is vital to implement strategies not only for successful recruitment, but retention, of these valuable assets. This interesting mix of panelists will discuss how technology in the cab, safety concerns, compensation, and a drive-life balance impact recruitment and retention in the trucking industry. From the research side, the carrier side, and even a current driver, we will have all perspectives covered!

  • Moderator: Jim Park, Editor, Heavy Duty Trucking
  • Leah Shaver, COO, The National Transportation Institute
  • Doug Schrier, VP of Continuous Improvement and Program Management, Covenant Transportation Group
  • Allie Knight, Professional Driver, Jim Palmer Trucking
12:45pm – 2:00pm Petite Ballroom



2:00pm – 3:00pm Grand Ballroom


The Merge: Getting Safety Technology and Drivers on the Same Page (Panel Discussion)
Upgrading fleets with the latest accident-avoidance and video camera technology is just the beginning of keeping our assets secure. Driver incentive programs, buy in and ensuring all this in-cab technology isn’t too distracting is a big piece of the puzzle. This panel of experts will discuss the latest safety regulations and how safety technologies, programs and other safety-related strategies can support key safety initiatives and ensure only the best equipped drivers are on the roads.

  • Moderator: Bill Sullivan, Executive Vice President of Advocacy, American Trucking Association
  • Lee Sarratt, Director of Safety, J.B. Hunt
  • Jeffrey Clark, Founding Partner, Center for Transportation Safety Excellence
  • Sherri Garner Brumbaugh, President & CEO, Garner Transportation
  • John McKown, America’s Road Team Captain, Professional Driver, UPS Freight
3:15pm – 3:45pm Petite Ballroom


Behind the Scenes of Video: Using data to increase efficiency and improve driver behavior
Mike Soricelli, Product Manager, Video Intelligence & Partner Integrations, PeopleNetVideo solutions in the commercial freight industry are a key component in driver exoneration and reducing damages in the event of a collision. However, when you aggregate multiple data sets with video, it adds a whole new dynamic to this technology. In this session, learn how to optimize this data to define benchmarks that identify specific coaching opportunities to improve driver behavior – and incentivize drivers – by gauging trends in perpetual safety improvements over time. Use KPIs at the fleet level or take a deeper dive by terminal and driver to learn how to increase awareness, efficiency and accident prevention.

Pavilion Ballroom


The Future of IoT Asset Tracking and Fleet Management: SMARTrailer™
Henry Popplewell, President, SkyBitzSmart trailers are the future of asset tracking and fleet management – but what is a smart trailer? SkyBitz President Henry Popplewell will breakdown the aspects of a smart trailer, exploring the evolution of its capabilities, including recent innovations, like solar-powered tracking devices with local wireless networks, features only recently made available in the market. Learn how your company can utilize SMARTrailer™ and its advancements, turning your “empty box on wheels” into an asset that will provide real-time communication, powerful data, and a clear ROI to your bottom line.

3:45pm – 4:15pm Petite Ballroom


The Move to Omni-channel Freight Service: Solving the Final Mile Delivery Puzzle Through Advanced Transportation Management Systems
James Stevenson, VP of Sales, TMW SystemsOnline retailing continues its dramatic growth, and industry experts predict this trend to continue at a rate of nearly 9.5% a year over the next five years. The rise in omni-channel sales is changing the supply chain, as retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers are now providing immediate product availability to customers by employing multiple shipping and delivery options. This growth in e-commerce is forcing freight carriers to rethink and expand their service offerings.Traditional carrier transportation models are not designed to handle the challenges of omni-channel service, which requires multi-stop planning for final mile deliveries and end-to-end visibility of order location and status for the customer.James Stevenson, VP of Sales for TMW Systems, discusses how carriers are changing their transportation models in order to meet these new delivery challenges. He explains how adding a final mile component to a TMS provides carriers with the agility and responsiveness necessary to adapt their business to a 21st century economy.

Pavilion Ballroom


Driving Profitability Through Cloud-Based Routing, Compliance and Navigation
Laura Lohrke – Sr. Product Manager, Omnitracs

Are your managers and drivers tired of using different applications to do their jobs? One for dispatching, trip management, navigation and proof of delivery – and yet another for compliance? Come find out how we have combined the best from Omnitracs Cloud-Based Routing, Dispatching, Mobile, Compliance and Navigation to create a streamlined experience to connect drivers, trucks and the back office.

6:00pm – 9:00pm Evening EntertainmentIndependence Beer Garden